Alec Torelli grew up in Orange County, California, but at the young age of 18, quickly began traveling the world playing high stakes poker. His ten-year career has taken him to over 35 countries, seven of which he has called home. He has competed and won in the biggest tournaments in the world, including the World Series of Poker, European Poker Tour & World Poker Tour. In the last few years he has began sharing on his blog the best of what he’s learned about poker, money, health, travel, success and life. He now specializes in transforming aspiring poker players into successful professionals through personalized coaching.

In addition to his life on the the poker scene, Alec runs an online advertising business. He has spoken at University of Southern California and Chapman University on the subjects of risk, lifestyle design, and time management. He has been featured on ESPN, Fox Sports, and internationally on Sky Sport.

In the future, Alec plans to spend more time sharing what he has learned with the world through seminars, speaking and writing. He currently resides between Italy, Macau, France, and California. We never know where we can find Alec, but we always know he is "winning" in one way or another.