The Journey Begins

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Over the course of 2014 we invite you to journey with us as we embark on the adventure of creative development of MOtivation for Learning and Performance: Lessons from Leaders. Our website will chronicle the development of the forthcoming book as well as provide resources for discovering what this phenomena is that we call Motivation.

Information about the upcoming book from Dr. Hoffman

The new book will use the latest scientific evidence to explain key principles of motivational science. In addition, the book will also feature vignettes of individuals across diverse cultures and disciplines telling their stories of challenge and success. An authentic humanistic approach will be employed using descriptive narrative developed through extensive interviews with “real” people, along with featured profiles of public individuals in sports, music, politics, and business.

The goal of the book is to provide a practical, applied, and multi-disciplinary resource for students and practitioners in fields such as applied learning, business, hospitality, administration, sports management, and those taught in military science. Additionally, the anecdotal and eclectic nature of the book should appeal to readers of non-fiction, who might use the book for self-help or motivational inspiration.

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