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  • Over 30 lectures and 2 hours of content!
  • Diagnose, analyze, and eliminate learning and performance issues caused by lack of motivation in the self and others.
  • Identify which aspects of human behavior are influenced by motivation using the latest scientific evidence from psychology, education, business, neuroscience and athletics
  • Determine which motivation clues are meaningful and which are misleading
  • Analyze self-beliefs that stall optimal task success
  • Implement and apply dozens of research-based strategies to enhance individual, group and organizational effectiveness
  • Design and conduct a successful motivational intervention that promotes lasting behavior changes in the self and others
  • Overcome defensiveness and resistance from others

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Recently the #1 new book in Cognitive Psychology according to Amazon. com, Motivation for Learning and Performance is designed for educators, researchers, practitioners, or anyone interested in maximizing human potential. The book outlines 50 key motivation principles based on the latest scientific evidence from the disciplines of psychology, education, business, athletics, and neurology.  Using a highly applied and conversational style, the book is designed to inform the reader about how to diagnosis, analyze, and mediate learning and performance challenges influenced by motivation

Read author interviews with "real" people including many notable personalities across diverse cultures and disciplines who illustrate motivated behavior. For example, readers will learn what motivated the colossal investment fraud masterminded by Bernie Madoff, the intimate thoughts of former NFL superstar Nick Lowery when he missed a field goal, and the joys and tribulations of Emmy-nominated "Curb your Enthusiasm" actress Cheryl Hines.

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