Born Mirriam Johnson in Phoenix AZ, Jessi Colter is a country music legend.  Married to superstar Waylon Jennings for over 30 years, Jessi has been a mainstay in the business as a singer, songwriter, and producer since the early 1970s.  In 1975, Jessi recorded her debut single, “I’m Not Lisa” The song was an instant success and reached #1 on the Billboard Country Chart and the song peaked at #4 on Billboard’s U.S. Pop Chart. In 1976, she recorded another hit “What’s Happened to Blue Eyes,” and soon after completed two more highly successful albums, “Jessi” and “Diamond In The Rough.” The beautiful singer-songwriter continued to enjoy burgeoning fame and charting singles, but she also found success working with her husband, Waylon. Colter appeared on the double-platinum album Wanted! “The Outlaws” along with Jennings, Tompall Glaser, and Willie Nelson.

Jessi Colter continued to record and perform after Waylon’s death in February 2002. She has done many tribute compilations to her late husband’s career. She frequently performs around the country, often on the same stage as her country-music star son, Shooter Jennings, appearing at major venues and music festivals such as Austin’s annual SXSW event. Jessi and Steven Van Zandt, famed member of the Bruce Springsteen band and star of HBO drama, “The Sopranos,” launched Sirius Radio’s, “Outlaw Country,” station during 2004 in Scottsdale Arizona. In 2006, Jessi released her most recent Grammy-nominated album “Out of the Ashes” to wide critical acclaim. 

Soon you will see and hear Jesswhen she appears in Ken Burns’ documentary, “Study of Country Music,” to be aired on PBS. The award-winning director/writer is chronicling country music history from the 1920s to the present and appropriately includes Jessi for her lifetime of industry contributions and musical achievement.