LaSonya Moore is a 38-year-old African American female. She grew up in an inter-city urban environment, or in what most people call “the ghetto.” As a young girl it was difficult for LaSonya to have big dreams because her life appeared so small. She had the first of her two sons while still in high school, but that didn’t temper her drive and ambition.  LaSonya refused to become what society considered “another statistic” because of the color of her skin or because of what she didn’t have.

Seeking challenge and overcoming adversity is routine for LaSonya.  After high school while raising her son, she worked full-time to pay to for school, earning a Child Development Associate certificate that allowed her to become a teacher with Pinellas County Head Start. Challenging herself even more, she continued to finance her own education, earning a Bachelor’s of Science degree. She then became a high school teacher where she worked with emotionally and behaviorally disturbed students that were extremely challenging, you know the kind, the ones they call deviant, however LaSonya never saw it that way.

Next she opened the first alternative school in Pinellas County, FL, where she helped over-age students and juvenile offenders increase their possibilities of earning a high school diploma. Along the way LaSonya completed her graduate studies in Educational Leadership and Administration at the University of South Florida.  

Today, LaSonya is a proud mother of two sons and a devoted wife. She has been an educator since 1995 and is currently employed with Pinellas County Schools as an assistant principal where she supervises a variety of faculty and staff as well as approximately 1000 students.  She regularly coordinates trainings and meetings for programs such as Response to Intervention (RTI), Positive Behavior Support (PBS), Pinellas County Girlfriends, Character Education, and Safe Schools. In addition to organizational trainings, she regularly conducts extracurricular mentoring and tutoring programs, as well as business and community partnerships.  Oh yes, one more thing, LaSonya is now she is studying for her Ed.D in Educational Leadership at UCF, which she intends to complete during spring 2015.