When conducted or participating in an interview it is important to convince the other party that you are prepared. One common method used to show preparation during the assessment process is a structured interview.  Having a set list of questions can also be helpful in comparing responses among multiple candidates. The technique allows for consistency in the interview process. Not all questions are organizationally or position appropriate, so use care in selection. Many of those below can be used in all situations.

 1.               Why are you leaving your present job?

My current position effectively uses my skills and abilities but I need more. I want to significantly impact company operations beyond the scope of my current job.

2.               What will you miss most about your current company?

The working environment is very professional. The culture is conducive to bringing out the most in employees and I enjoy that type of environment.

3.               How would you describe an ideal working environment?

One where people are encouraged to reach goals and attain objectives. A business where people are treated as fairly as possible.

4.               How would you evaluate your present company?

Where I currently work people are given recognition for their contributions. The company has provided me the opportunity to learn and grow while achieving results.

5.               What do you consider to be a pressure situation?

A pressure situation for me would be when someone is risking harm or injury.

6.               If you were to leave your present company how would people remember you, two years from now?

People will remember me for the impact I had on the business/department. Give examples of how you created, improved or changed operations.

7.               What type of supervisor is most conducive to your strengths?

I prefer leaders that hold you accountable for your impact and results.

8.               Can you think of a time when you became upset at work?

I get upset at work when I don’t have enough to keep busy.

9.               What are the drawbacks of working in a team?

Gaining team consensus takes longer than individual plans, but the extra time is worth the effort.

10.            If you could make one change in your current company what would it be?

Give an honest answer that shows your ability and understanding of multiple business issues, from several points of view.

Dr. Bobby Hoffman

Dr. Bobby Hoffman

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