Everyone procrastinates at one time or another.  It’s a natural human tendency to seek out tasks or challenges that make us feel good, and to put things off or avoid those things that we find annoying, unpleasant, or uninteresting. But there is a downside to procrastination, it can make us feel uncomfortable and anxious, because it’s also natural to want to feel productive and accomplished, which is damn hard to do when putting things off!  So we have a dilemma, how can we get excited about doing things we really don’t want to do?  The answers lies in understanding WHY we procrastinate in the first place.

The funny thing is that most people don’t know why they procrastinate.  People usually say that putting things off makes them more efficient because they work harder when a deadline is approaching, but those same people say that procrastinating leads to stress.  Ain’t nobody got time for that! After all, if procrastination wasn’t bothering you, at least a little bit, then you wouldn’t be reading this.  So how can you overcome stalling on projects or tasks that are important to you and change your approach to be more productive? There is a way, but first you have to be ready to change.  You can’t make a change IF you aren’t READY to change. Are you at the point where procrastinating is actually bothering you?   If you are ready, I can show you how to make the change.  To see if you are ready answer these five simple questions: 

  • I am aware when I procrastinate.   True or False (T/F)

  • When I procrastinate it affects other parts of my life, like work or school performance.  (T/F)

  • When I procrastinate I have negative feelings about myself or what I need to accomplish. (T/F)

  • I associate with other people who procrastinate.  (T/F)

  • I spend too much time thinking about what I need to do, and not enough time doing what needs to get done.  (T/F)

If you answered true to one or more of these questions you probably ARE ready to make a change.  Now is the time to capitalize on your readiness.  So you are probably are thinking “what’s the solution?” and also quite frankly “what’s the catch?”  The solution is actually pretty simple and there is no catch.  I know the solution because I have over 30 year’s experience helping people overcome what makes them unhappy or unproductive. As an internationally recognized professor, acclaimed author, Psychology Today columnist, and a former procrastinator, I can tell you dozens of strategies to increase your productivity and performance.  The strategies are the same ones that the most successful people on earth use to jumpstart their careers, relationships, and earnings.  You can find out all the information you need to overcome procrastination by buying my book “Motivation for Learning & Performance” but DON’T BUY THE BOOK!! That’s right forget about reading books. You probably don’t have the interest, time, or want to spend the cash.  You probably want an EASIER and more cost-effective solution AND there is one.  Start, by following me on Twitter @ifoundmo for daily information that will keep you motivated.

When I wrote my latest book, which my students LOVE, I also figured that many wouldn’t have the time to read the entire book.  So I worked with one of my buddies from grad school, Dr. Richard Feenstra, to make a video course with all the book highlights, sort of like Cliff notes, but more informative, amusing, and much more economical. We created the course, which is now one of the top courses on the Udemy.com platform, a website that has over 80,000,000 million students and thousands of other free or really low-priced courses. So now for only the cost of two movie tickets, a few gallons of gas or five cups of coffee you can learn how to beat the procrastination beast and change your approach to work or school.  Because you are a student you can get lifetime access to the course for only $22, the exact same course people pay $129 to take! You can preview lessons here and here, if you need a laugh watch the bloopers reel too. The best part is if you think the course isn’t worth $22, you can get ALL of your money back within 30 days of registration!

Taking the course will change your entire approach to obligatory tasks, once you realize WHY you procrastinate and HOW you can change.  Plus, we aren’t talking a lifetime here. Invest 92 minutes on the course and you will learn how you can conquer procrastination.  You will also learn:

  • The five most important beliefs about yourself that can ruin your motivation

  • The four biggest influences on your productive motivated behavior

  • Which motivational clues are important for personal development and which you can ignore

  • The six different ways people self-sabotage their own careers and academic performance

  • Dozens of strategies to promote motivation for work, school, exercise, and online learning

If you still aren’t sure, check out this article I wrote about procrastination on the Psychology Today website and be sure to view the FREE sample lessons. See how many people like the article?  So here’s the deal, go HERE to sign up for the course and get your special student price. Invest 90 minutes in your own success and see what you learn.  If you don’t know more about yourself and what it takes to be self-motivated then ask Udemy for a refund.  It’s that simple, in just a few clicks you can get an amazing course, one that virtually everyone likes, and be on your way to a more successful and productive experience at school, work, or on whatever tasks or projects you choose to invest your effort.  

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