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Exclusive listing of websites and scholarly resources of illustrious Motivational Science researchers and educators featured in Motivation for Learning and Performance (in alphabetical order):


Dr. Neal Ashkanasy - University of Queensland, Business School

Dr. Albert Bandura - Stanford University, Department of Psychology

Dr. Ilidio Barreto - Catolica Lisbon School of Business and Economics

Dr. Michael Bender - Tilburg University, Department of Social Psychology

Dr. Daniel Bernstein - Kwantlen Polytechnic University, Lifespan Cognition Lab

Dr. Paul Black - King's College, Science Education

Dr. Erica Boling - Rutgers University, Graduate School of Education

Dr. Jennifer Burnette - North Carolina State, Department of Psychology

Dr. Jessica Cameron - University of Manitoba, Department of Psychology

Dr. Charles Carver - University of Miami, Department of Psychology

Dr. Anne Colby - Author, The Power of Ideals

Dr. Philip Coor - Personality Neuroscience and Behavioural Economics

Dr. Tom Cummings - University of Southern California, Marshall School of Business

Dr. Edward Diener - University of Illinois, Department of Psychology

Dr. Anders Dysvik - Norwegian Business School, Department of Leadership & Organizational Behavior

Dr. John Eastwood - The Boredom Lab,  York University

Dr. Jacquelynne Eccles - University of Michigan, Department of Psychology

Dr. Miriam Erez - Technion Israel Institute of Technology, Industrial Engineering and Management

Dr. Karl Ericsson - Florida State University, Department of Psychology

Dr. Peggy Ertmer - Purdue University, College of Education

Dr. Sasha Fedorikhin - Indiana University, Department of Marketing

Dr. Ruth Feldman - Bar-Ilan University, Developmental Social Neuroscience Lab

Dr. Deb Feltz - Michigan State University, College of Education

Dr. Gina Forchelli - Temple University, Educational Psychology

Dr. Anne Frenzel - University of Munich, Department of Psychology

Dr. Lowell Gaertner - University of Tennessee, Department of Psychology

Dr. Marylene Gagne - University of Western Australia, School of Psychology

Dr. David Geary - University of Missouri, Department of Psychological Sciences

Dr. Gene Glass - University of Colorado, Boulder, School of Education

Dr. Ronald Goldsmith - Florida State University, Department of Marketing

Dr. Jeff Greene - University of North Carolina, College of Education

Dr. Karen Harris - Arizona State University, Teachers College

Dr. Kate Hays - The Performing Edge, Independent Practice

Dr. Jutta Heckhausen - University of California - Irvine, Psychology and Social Behavior

Dr. Jennifer Husman - Arizona State, College of Liberal Arts and Sciences

Dr. Michael Hyman - New Mexico State, College of Business

Dr. Eric Igou - University of Limerick, Social Psychology

Dr. Hanna Järvenoja - University Oulu, Learning & Educational Technology Research Unit

Dr. Mansour Javidan  - Thunderbird University, Najafi Global Mindset Institute

Dr. Marcus Johnson - University of Cincinnati, Developmental and Learning Sciences

Dr. Natalie Jones - Queensland University, School of Historical and Philosophical Inquiry

Dr. Flora Kokkinaki - Athens University of Economics and Business, Department of Marketing and Communication

Dr. Mark Koltko-Rivera - New York City (private practice), Futurist Psychology

Dr. Dorothe Kienhues - University of Münster, Department of Psychology 

Dr. Steve Kozlowski - Penn State University, Department of Psychology

Dr. Ian Krajbich - The Ohio State University, Department of Neuroeconomics

Dr. Gary Latham - University of Toronto, Rotman School of Management

Dr. Wen Li - Florida State University, Department of Psychology

Dr. Yongmel Liu - Illinois State University, College of Business

Dr. Doug Lombardi - Temple University, College of Education

Dr. Mitchell Neubert - Baylor University, School of Business

Dr. Genevieve Mageau - University of Montréal, Department of Psychol

Dr. Rollin McCraty - Heart Math Institute, Boulder Creek, California

Dr. Neil McNaughton - University of Otago, Department of Psychology

Dr. Kimberly Merriman - University of Massachusetts Lowell, Manning School of Business

Dr. David Miele -  Boston College, Lynch School of Education

Dr. Alexander Minnaert - University of Groningen, Department of Youth Care and Clinical Educational Sciences

Dr. Vikas Mittal - Rice University, School of Business

Dr. Agnes Moors - Ku Leuven University, Research Group of Quantitative Psychology and Individual Differences

Dr. P. Karen Murphy - Penn State University, College of Education

Dr. Ernest O'Boyle - University of Iowa, Tippie College of Business

Dr. Erika Patall - University of Texas at Austin in the Department of Educational Psychology

Dr. Jeffrey Pfeffer -  Stanford University, Graduate School of Business

Dr. Michel Pham - Columbia University, Graduate School of Business

Dr. Michael Posner - University of Oregon, Department of Psychology

Dr. Vivek Prabhakaran University of Wisconin-Madison, Neuroscience

Dr. Adele LaFrance Robinson - Laurentian University, Department of Psychology

Dr. Richard Ryan - University of Rochester, Department of Clinical and Social Sciences in Psychology 

Dr. Joni Sasaki - York University, Department of Psychology

Dr. Tanya Schlam -  University of Wisconsin, Center for Tobacco Research and Intervention

Dr. Barry Schlenker - University of Florida, Department of Psychology

Dr. Simone Shamay - Haifa University, Department of Psychology and Affective Neuroscience

Dr. Keith Stanovich - University of Toronto, Applied Psychology & Human Development

Dr. Christopher Soto - Colby College, Department of Psychology

Dr. Ricarda Steinmayr - Technical University Dortmund, Educational Psychology

Dr. Joachim Stoeber -  University of Kent, School of Psychology

Dr. Howard Tennen - University of Connecticut, Community Medicine & Health Care

Dr. Christian Tröster - Kühne Logistics University, Leadership and Organizational Psychology

Dr. Koert Van Ittersum - University of Groningen, Faculty of Economics and Business

Dr. Dean Van Leuven - World Emotional Literacy League

Dr. Wijnand A. P. Van Tilburg - King's College, Department of Psychology 

Dr. Tor Wager - University of Colorado at Boulder, Department of Psychology & Neuroscience

Dr. Bernard Weiner - UCLA, College of Life Sciences Psychology

Dr. Luo Wenshu - NIE Singapore, Policy & Leadership Studies

Dr. Kathryn Wentzel - Stanford University, College of Education

Dr. Kip Williams - Purdue University, Social Psychology

Dr. Allen Wigfield - University of Maryland, College of Education

Dr. Raymond Wlodkowski - Regis University, Denver, CO

Additional Student resources:

Alpha AP Psychology - Sample multiple choice tests on many psychology topics.

APA Style Blog - An enlightening approach to debating APA style issues.

About.com Psychology page - Information about motivation theory, not intended for the advanced learner.

Cite this for Me - Don't you just hate putting together reference list, not anymore with this site. 

Grammar Girl - A motivational force guaranteed to enhance self-efficacy for writing.

Knowledge vs. Beliefs - The debate goes on, but an easy to understand distinction is here.

Self-efficacy - A simplified overview of self-efficacy, including some literature self-efficacy quotes.

Simply Psychology - Psychology articles for students

Six Types of Motivation Explained - That would be six types of motivation, explained.

Psychology Today - articles about psychology in a easy to read form.

More Student resources (must be registered)

Additional Educator resources:

AllPsychonline - a virtual psychology classroom with tons of resources. 

Association for Psychological Science - Access the latest psychology research and free pod casts.

Idea Lab - educational information that enhances scientific and cultural literacy.

Infed.org - informative site dedicated to education, learning and social action.

Boundless - The Psychology hub for educators featured PowerPoints, quizzes, and articles.

Magic & Parlor Tricks - With a little practice use these great icebreakers to gain learner attention.

Phrase Finder - An incomparable sources for hackneyed cliches, phrases, quotes, and euphemisms.

Psych Central - A database of psychology information and dozens of domain-specific blogs.

Productive Flourishing - Helps you finish what you start.

Rita F. Pierson - A great TED talk from a 40-year teaching veteran about how to connect with learners.

Learning and the Brain - Seminars connecting educators and researchers.

More Educator resources (must be registered)

Additional Researcher resources:

Airline Industry Data - a wealth of information about airline revenue, profits and data of all sorts.

Amazon Mechanical Turk - Find demographically specific individuals to complete your research surveys.

Approach/Avoidance - Research at the University of Rochester, complete SDT research library.

Dan Ariely - Duke Professor and author, noted for his research on behavioral economics and irrationality.

Doi lookup - An easy to use directory to add those pesky numbers to your references. 

Extrinsic rewards (again) - An alternative perspective on the benefits of extrinsic motivation.

False Positives - An excellent Psychological Science article on avoiding Type I error.

Linn Van Dyne - Michigan State Professor and researcher, specializing in cultural intelligence

Social Psychology Network - Clearly the most comprehensive source of social motivation resources.

Track and Share - A great mobile app for self-regulation researchers and those interested in daily monitoring.

More Researcher resources (must be registered)

Motivation blogs (the other folks):

Applied Social Psychology - Courtesy of Penn State University.

Brain Pickings - Musings from Maria Popova.

Clarion Enterprises - A variety of resources and motivation articles.

Coaching Journey - Hwai Tah Lee tells you how to navigate life and motivate yourself.

Computing Education Blog - The blog of Mark Guzdial Professor at the Georgia Institute of Technology

Dr. Jason Jones - Motivation in the workplace according to Jason.

Project Bubble - More about productivity than motivation, but worth a look.

PSYBlog - Understand your mind.

Psychological Musings - a blog with a clinical emphasis.

Study Hacks Blog - Interesting perspectives from writer Cal Newport.

You Earned It Blog - Touting motivational idealism in the workplace.

More Motivation blogs (must be registered)

Motivation in the news:

Chicago Tribune - Articles about motivation.

Entrepreneur Magazine - RSS feed devoted to motivation topics affecting small business.

PsychCentral - a compendium of articles about psychology in general and several psychology RSS feeds. 

Ted Talks: The top 15 TED talks featuring several motivational and leadership topics

Topics related to motivation including cognition, learning, and instruction:

Bobo Doll Video - Listen to Dr. Bandura describe his research on children's aggression.

Brain Test - A quick snapshot that identifies brain-part dominance, fun but not scientific

Decision Skills - The art and science of decision-making according to Dr. Richard Feenstra.

Learn Out Loud - A collection of audio and video resources on learning.

Optical Illusions - Why our lazy brains interpret optical illusions as we do.

Project Implicit - If you dare, take a test and discover your hidden bias against others unlike you.

The Cognitive NeuroImaging Lab at INSERM - A robust collection of biopsychology publications.

More related topics (must be registered)

Other stuff we like:

A Stroke of Luck - Order the best-selling book of one of our motivational leaders, Alexis Paige Dixon.

Daily Puppy - Who doesn't love puppies?

Jung typology test - An online version of the Myers Briggs Type Indicator, not scientific but revealing. 

Kim Komando Blog - Syndicated radio technology guru Kim shares the latest technology tips.

Life expectancy calculator - Is your chronological age the same as your life expectancy?

University of Central Florida - College of Education and Human Performance.

University of Central Florida's Applied Learning & Instruction Master's Program (ALIMA) - Take a class with Dr. Hoffman.

More other stuff (must be registered)

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