About the book

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The new Elsevier text "Motivation for Learning & Performance" by Dr. Bobby Hoffman was released July 15, 2015. The book features the latest scientific evidence from the disciplines of psychology, education, neurology, business, and athletics and is designed to inform the reader about how to diagnosis, analyze, and mediate learning and performance challenges influenced by motivation.

The text differs from highly theoretically-oriented texts that usually require learners to wade through mountains of confusing and boring jargon that requires hours of memorization and re-reading. Instead, the text uses the innovative approach of outlining key motivational principles, while using individuals across diverse cultures and disciplines as examples of motivated behavior. Scientific integrity is not compromised as the book has over 1,000 citations of recent and seminal literature.

An authentic humanistic approach is employed with rich descriptive narrative developed through extensive interviews with “real” people. The book also features notable personalities and recognized individuals in sports, music, politics, and business who were personally interviewed by the author. The approach is designed to engage the reader in the content by forging personal connections with the featured individuals. Infused in the text will be the latest scientific findings relevant to explaining motivated behavior, allowing the learner to effectively understand and influence motivation of the self and others.

The goal of the text is to provide a practical, applied, and multi-disciplinary resource for anyone interested in motivation and performance, but especially for university students’ enrolled in courses including education, psychology, business, management, hospitality, sports management, and military science.  Additionally, the writing style and eclectic nature of the text will appeal to readers of non-fiction who might use the book for self-awareness or motivational inspiration.

About the author

           Dr. Bobby Hoffman

           Dr. Bobby Hoffman

Dr. Bobby Hoffman, Associate Professor in the School of Teaching, Learning & Leadership at the University of Central Florida (UCF) is a 2006 graduate of the University of Nevada, Las Vegas (UNLV) with a PhD in Educational Psychology. He joined UCF in August 2006 after a 20-year career in human resources management and performance consulting working with the world's most successful companies including GE, NBC, KPMG, the NBA, and other global organizations.  Currently, Hoffman teaches a variety of classes at the graduate level in motivation, learning, cognition, and intelligence.

Dr. Hoffman has numerous scholarly publications in leading scientific journals in the field of educational psychology.  Additionally, Dr. Hoffman has authored over thirty publications in the field of management and organizational development related to his previous consulting practice. Hoffman’s current line of research focuses upon motivation and specifically on cognitive efficiency, which investigates the role of optimal cognition when considering the costs related to learning such as working memory limitations and strategy use.

Dr. Hoffman is co-creator and former program director of UCF’s highly coveted Applied Learning and Instruction Master’s program.  In addition, Hoffman is the American Educational Research Association 2016 Division C co-chair for research in motivation and cognition.  He was program co-chair in 2011 for Division 15 of the American Psychological Association and serves on several journal editorial boards including Contemporary Educational Psychology, Educational Psychology Review, and Educational Technology, Research & Development

Additional information on Dr. Hoffman can be reviewed on the UCF faculty page or through Google Scholar